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Should I Use Free Resume Templates?

Should I Use Free Resume Templates? Free Online Articles... 

The paper resume is dead! Are you being competitive enough?

The paper resume is dead! Are you being competitive enough? Free Online... 

Engineering Resume: How it will help you land your dream job

Engineering Resume: How it will help you land your dream job Free... 

Formats Of Resume

Formats Of Resume Free Online Articles Directory ... 

Professional chronological resume improves your resume quality!

Professional chronological resume improves your resume quality! Free... 

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Top Shelf Bartending Academy New Brunswick New Jersey

Top Shelf Bartending Academy (www.barschoolnj.com) is New Jersey’s... 

The Resume, the Portfolio, and the Interview

What does the Resume and Portfolio need to pass the Interview? Thanks... 

Resume Tip From the Experts – Proper Resume Content and Format

Resume Writing Format Tip careerconfidential.com Peggy McKee, CEO Career... 

Resume Overview (Entry-Level Resume Writing)

For my students who missed the resume overview crash course.  Read More →

Pharmaceutical Resume Writing Tutorial

Pharmaceutical Resume Writing Tutorial  Read More →

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Resume Questions

How does someone with no previous job experience write a resume?

I want to start applying to jobs, and I tried to look up ‘how-to-write-resume’ things online, but all of the ones I found were mostly for people who already had previous job experience, or finished their education – or at least most of it. I’m a freshman in college and I’ve never had a job before. I need help in how to... [Read more of this review]

(resume help) job experience having trouble wording it…?

The only job I have is real precedent in a pawn shop where I started cleaning windows, sweeping and moping the floors clean counter garbage. . . . . I finally started to organize things (inventory) close to that of the loans (collateral) shortly after I started to make loans (which I learned to use the program and complete the forms and registration... [Read more of this review]

Resume problem, please help? :(?

Well, I’m looking for a part time / casual work in the trade minorista.Ive only had a job before, like Christmas casual in 08, the contract was August 10 to September 1, but has arrested in mid-December because he had to live elsewhere unexpectedly and could not go to work. My boss was angry about it and I can not use it as a reference when applying... [Read more of this review]

what is a good thing to put on your resume about being a server/hostess?

I’m building my resume. . . I now work as a server and hostess at a restaurant and I think of something to put that on my CV. . please help. .  Read More →

objective for a resume… please help!!! 10 pts?

ok I’ve never worked before. . . I would like to acquire skills and communication skills PPL. . . can u please help me im BK apply to be a member of a team  Read More →

(resume help) i know what to say but don’t know how to put it?

im describing problems with myself or “sell myself” as they said. . . I know I have certain qualities, but I do not know how to talk. . . . . Heres a couple of them please help. (. I work hard very nice. I love finding solutions to problems … I work im doing a steady but faster than my job is well done .. always ready to learn new... [Read more of this review]


please tell me the details on how to make a resume? provide details and an example if you can. I am applying at a convenience store as a cash register.  Read More →

What Is The Best Kind Of Resume For Multiple Jobs?

I have a degree in Criminal Justice and I am looking to apply for a job that is not associated with my degree. Without experience. I would like to apply for a sales position. What would be the best kind of resume to do and what should and shouldn’t I include.  Read More →

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